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How billing works

One way to think about community solar is as a billing system that allows you to benefit from solar energy without going solar on your own property.

When you subscribe to a community solar garden, you receive a monthly credit (defined by Xcel Energy as the Solar Rewards Community Service (SRCS) credit) on your utility bill from Xcel Energy which is netted against your overall electricity consumption. Your subscription size (in kW*) determines your kilowatt hour allotment, the value of which is determined by multiplying the number of kWh allocated to you times the bill credit rate ($/kWh). There are two bill credit rates for Xcel Energy’s community solar program: the total aggregate fixed retail rate (TAFRR) for residential customers and the total aggregate variable retail rate (TAVRR) for commercial and industrial customers. Both rates are subject to adjustments based on the utility’s administrative costs, from which the final SRCS credit amount is determined on an annual basis.

*Except for income-qualified customers, all customers must subscribe to a minimum of 1 kW of solar capacity.